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48 Hours of Magic Not Just About Magic

In case you haven’t heard All Things Fun! will be opening this Friday (9/28) and we won’t be closing our doors until Sunday (9/30) Evening. (Actually we’ll be open close to 58 hours but 48 sounds so much cooler!)

Admitted the main reason for this crazy schedule if to host 6 massive Magic The Gathering: Return to Ravnica Pre-Release Events.  If you aren’t a Magic person this is special for a couple of reasons:

  • The return to one of the most popular game settings (Ravnica)
  • The return of the Guilds (Think, factions)
  • Pre-Release will be run by Guild and players will get special boxes that will never be available again
  • And of course all of this happens a week before the public can buy the regular packs

So the gang at All Things Fun! had to up the ante and host 6 Pre-Release events all weekend long.  Including our first every Midnight Pre-Release.  (Actually we’ll be running 2 Midnight Events that weekend.)

If this stuff sounds interesting to you then just click here for all the event details and how to pre-register.

Since we are going to be open ALL WEEKEND LONG it also seemed appropriate to invite some other folks to join us.  We’ve already added a HeroClix Tournament at 3AM on Saturday, 9/29 (that’s Friday Night into Saturday morning.) We’re also hosting a Warmachine & Hordes Tournament at 3AM on Sunday, 9/30 (that’s Saturday Night into Sunday morning.)

But let me stress the doors are open, the register is open.  All Things Fun! is open.  Fighting insomnia?  No need.  Put on some pants and come get some comics or a nice soothing graphic novel.  We’ll be up & open all weekend long.

We’ll be like a pop-culture 7-11.  Want to run a game?  Give us a call and we’ll fit you into the schedule!

So come out and help us celebrate 48 Hours of Magic.  Even if you don’t play Magic.

All Things Fun! 48 Hours of Magic Store Hours
Friday, 9/28 Open at Noon
Saturday, 9/29 Open all day & night!
Sunday, 9/30 Close when last Pre-Release Event Ends (8pm-ish)