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Behind The Scenes @AllThingsFun

Greetings Fans of Fun!

Recently I attended a conference on Social Media & Small Business.  And after an interesting afternoon the experts told us we were doing things all wrong.  (They we very nice about it but still…)

Managing all the aspects of a social media program for a small business like All Things Fun! is a daunting task.  Where to we spend our limited resources?  ATF already has a very solid E-Mail newsletter list that we send weekly  updates on store activities.  We have a great website that can deliver all kinds of data (live calendar, event registration, etc.) We are active on Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare.  We have a channel on YouTube (with a new show every week.) We just started pages on Tumblr. And we are investigating Pinterest.  This stuff could be a full time job but we have to also squeeze in running a store & planning our huge schedule of events.

So let’s start small. Last week we made some of the changes to our newsletter that were suggested by the Social Media Experts.  To be honest they seemed largely cosmetic.  With the exception of my introduction all of the content stayed the same.

Much to my surprise it was a resounding success!  The majority of the feedback suggested that the new format made information easier to access.  You could investigate what interested you and ignore what didn’t.  But I did also get some feedback from folks that missed the introduction.  Most said the new e-mail was missing that personal connection.

I have to agree with that sentiment.  So how do I deliver laser sharp content, the ability to pick and choose to read the stories you want AND still get my personal message in there? What’s the answer??

You are reading it!  Each week our All Things Fun! Weekly E-Mail Newsletter will start with a small preview of that week’s new blog post.  While blogs aren’t exactly new it does allow us to create a space where we can be more personal, share experiences from the previous week and not be limited by space or have to worry about having to sell things.

So if you are a fan of our weekly introductions from the old newsletter you’ll be getting even more content!  But it will be just like the rest of the new e-mail newsletter.  You’ll get a preview and if you are interested you can click on the link to read the whole story!

Until next time.