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Everything Old is New Again

By Glenn Walker

Revivals seem to be the name of the game lately in comics.

Project: SuperPowers from Dynamite Entertainment

First there's Alex Ross' Project: Superpowers for Dynamite Entertainment that features a new take on many of the public domain superheroes of the 1940s. Characters that in the public domain are those whose copyright has expired, like Sherlock Holmes - anyone can tell stories of these characters. So even though we've seen versions of these heroes before (and currently in a few cases), we get to see a whole new spin on such classic golden oldies like the Black Terror, the Green Lama, the Fighting Yank and Charles Biro's Daredevil - that last one with a slight name change because of that pesky Matt Murdock character over at the fledgling Marvel Comics. Alex Ross does most of the legwork and the covers for Project Superpowers, with scripts by his partner Jim Krueger and interior art by Stephen Sadowski and Doug Klauba among others.

Speaking of Marvel, they also have a project on tap at the moment involving some of their characters from the Golden Age, although at first glance more than a few of these guys are also-rans and nearly no-shows. If you look up the actual appearances of the heroes who make up The Twelve you might be surprised at how seriously lame some of them were. That said, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Chris Weston have done a phenomenal job of not only redesigning but also refining and fleshing out these characters for a 21st century audience. Here JMS seriously makes up for his involvement in the "One More Day" debacle over in Amazing Spider-Man. Both of these books are highly recommended by me, and are available at All Things Fun!.

If you're into the superheroes of days past, I would also suggest checking out Justice Society of America from DC Comics and Marvel's upcoming Avengers/Invaders series that brings the 1940s team to the present. Coincidentally Alex Ross is also involved in both of those series as well. I would also throw in a plug for Dan Dare, writer Garth Ennis' new spin on the classic British space hero from Virgin Comics.