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Coming Soon: FoodMachine 2012

Welcome my friends!

As I type these words we’ve just past the middle of October.  Most folks are busy preparing for Halloween. (And we are certainly getting ready for our Halloween ComFest this October 31.) But the majority of my time is starting to fall into our largest annual ATF Charity Event FoodMachine 2012.

Now for those of you not familiar (or just curious) FoodMachine at All Things Fun! is an annual food drive and tournament where all of the proceeds go directly to the South Jersey Food Bank.  This is a special event for a number of reasons.  Let’s go down the list…

This is no ordinary Food Bank.

The South Jersey Food Bank (SJFB) provides over 8.2 million pounds of food and essentials to more than 200 emergency food pantries, soup kitchens  and shelters.  In many cases the SJFB provides over 75% of the food distributed or served at the various area distribution centers.  The SJFB is the backbone that provides help not just to the hungry but to those organizations that serve the hungry.  In this past year over 91,000 our of neighbors utilized emergency feeding programs administered by the SJFB.  All of these people live right here in Southern New Jersey.  The food we raise stays in our region and helps those that are having trouble making ends meet right here in our community.

This is not your typical food drive.

We will gratefully accept your donations of canned or other non-perishable foods.  But that’s not really what this is all about.  We take one of our most popular games at the store (Warmachine & Hordes.) And we create a special tournament.  You pay to enter the event in cans of food.  Then we create a list of several “cheats.” For example if you don’t like the roll you just made you can spend 2 cans to roll again. Don’t like that roll?  It will cost you 4 cans, then 8, cans, then 16 cans to re-roll your dice.  Before you know it you are spending cans like a mad-man!

This is not your typical game tournament.

We have people that don’t play games dropping off cans in the lead up to the event.  And we have generous local business partners that help us pull this event together and that donate prizes, time and effort.  Just a few of our generous partners this year include; Tunes, Vision Center II, Bottino’s Shop-Rite, Screen Gems and AKA Recording Studios.  Players come out and play in huge, super-fun event, win prizes from local businesses and get to help the community.

The idea has worked so well that All Things Fun! hosts one of the largest FoodMachine events on the planet.  (I can say that because game stores all over the world host these events!)  In the last 2 years with the help of our players, our community and our sponsors we raised over 7 tons of food for the SJFB.

And the best part is every last can we collect makes it to families in need in time for Thanksgiving.

This year we will be hosting our Annual FoodMachine Event on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at Noon.  I encourage everyone to get involved.  We’ve proven that a single person can make a difference.  Maybe this year it will be you.

Join us for FoodMachine 2012 at All Things Fun!
Sunday, 11/11/12 at Noon