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HeroClix Batman Day Event I AM THE NIGHT

September 17, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ed / Dan / Doom

I Am the Night

Cost: $10

Build: 500 Point GOLDEN AGED Theme Team



Ø  You must choose a figure to be your Batman on your force. This figure must be 100 points or less and have the martial artists or detective keyword

Ø  NO fig above 200 points.

Ø  NO Colossals, Vehicles, Resources, or Relics.

Ø  NO Dupes

Game Play: 3 moves per turn/ 40 minute rounds

Rounds 1 – 3: I AM THE NIGHT

At the beginning of each round each player will roll a d6. With the result that player’s Batman will possess the following for that round.

  1.       Flurry
  2.       Precision Strike
  3.       Combat Reflexes
  4.       Energy Shield Deflection
  5.       Outwit
  6.       Batman Ally Team Ability


ATF tournament placing goes as follows. Player with the most points and wins will receive first pick from the prize pool. The player with the most fellowship votes will receive second pick from the prize pool.

Matches ending in 0 – 0 ties will result in 0 point losses for both players.

Bye rounds count as 0 point wins, players on a bye round have the opportunity to vote for themselves for fellowship, roll a d6, on a result 5 or 6 players can circle their own name for fellowship.