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12 / 13 / 2015 = Combat Patrol 500 Points
« on: November 19, 2015, 03:33:12 AM »
40K Combat Patrol Tournament
- Sunday December 13th
- from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
- the entry fee is 7.00
- scheduled for five rounds
- complete details below

☆ Combat Patrol 500 points

• All models / units in a Combat Patrol must be chosen from a single source, and must adhere to the following modified FOC:

0-1 HQ
1-6 Troops
0-1 Elite
0-1 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy Support

Please note = named characters are not permitted in Combat Patrol.

• Command Benefits ( e.g. Objective Secured ) are in effect.

• One model must be designated as the Warlord of a player's Combat Patrol.

• A player may ignore the minimum one Troop requirement in the event their source material does not include a Troop choice e.g. Codex: Legion of the Damned.

• Vehicles are permitted in a Combat Patrol provided they meet the following restrictions: the total armor value ( adding Front Rear & Side once ) does not exceed 33 i.e. a Rhino would have a total armor value of 32 as 11 FA + 10 RA + 11 SA

• Neither Flyers nor Flying Monstrous Creatures are permitted in a Combat Patrol.

• The deloyment zones for a Combat Patrol are opposite corners using a 4x4 table, and each 2x2 area will include d3 pieces of terrain - players take alternating turns placing terrain on the battlefield.

• In addition to terrain, three objective markers must also be placed on the table = one each in a player's deployment at 12" by 12" and the third at the center of the table.

• During deployment models can be placed anywhere in their deployment zone that is at least 9" away from a center dividing line = thus creating an 18" neutral zone. Infiltrators can be deployed as per their special rule, and likewise Scouts may be placed as per their special rule.

• Game length is five turns or one-hour ( with a 15 minute warning ) unless a player no longer has any models on the table after their first turn.

• Victory conditions are determined at the end of the game:

050 pt Control your objective
100 pt Control the center objective
200 pt Control the opponent's objective
050 pt First Blood
050 pt Slay the Warlord
050 pt Linebreaker

• Note - replenishing effects such as Summoning are not permitted.
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