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Ok, we’ve put this off as long as possible…

It’s that time.  We can’t duck it any longer.  It’s the holidays!  Sure we have Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday but then it’s Black Friday, the official opening bell of the holiday season.  And it’s time to start letting everyone know about Black Friday here at All Things Fun!

One of the neat things about ATF is that while we are a local and a small business we really enjoy the holidays.  I’m playing Christmas music in the back office right now so I can set the right mood!

Here’s your look behind the scenes.

All Things Fun! will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  (All of Thanks giving Day.)  Dina & I make a turkey and take one last day off before the holiday season.  (And yes, I make the turkey.) Unlike the folks that work at Target and Kohls we have the whole day off.

But then Black Friday, November 23 starting at 6am the fun begins.  I encourage everyone to shake off that turkey coma, ditch the family and come on down to All Things Fun! We really do love the mayhem and fun.  The first 10 people in line will get a free random graphic novel (from a special selection.) And then we’ve got some special advertised & unadvertised DoorBuster specials from 6am -10am.  And just to add some spice to things EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS ON SALE.  Be sure to visit the website and facebook page for details.

We’ll be rolling out a daily preview of the discounts & doorbusters every day next week on our website.  Click here to check it out.

It’s our biggest event of the year and it runs from 6am to 10pm. (That’s 16 hours of mayhem.) Okay, that part might hurt a little.

But it’s a great way to kick-off the holiday season.  You’ll find all kinds of great games, toys, comics, graphic novels and more that the big box stores won’t bother stocking.  And the internet certainly won’t suggest a great game or graphic novel for your aunt Gertrude.

Another thing to note.  When you shop local over 70% more of the money you spend stays in the community.  You are supporting a local business that supports the community.  Not some massive corporation (or blind internet machine) racing to suck money out of your wallet as efficiently as possible. (Although I’ve been told I’m pretty efficient too!) 🙂

If you haven’t tried an All Things Fun! Black Friday Event you owe it to yourself.  We have a huge crowd of happy people shopping laughing and generally enjoying the holiday spirit.  It’s what retail was once about before things became so commercial.  Sure we still sell gifts but you are getting gifts you know are fun, sold by friends and helping your community.

And if all that wasn’t enough. We’ve just introduced Wish Lists here at All Things Fun!  Come on down to the store and select items you really want for the holidays.  We’ll hand you a bunch of slips that explain to your loved ones that you have a wishlist at All Things Fun!  Put these slips on the fridge, on your wife/husband’s pillow or place them in your holiday cards. You get the idea.  When your loved ones come down to ATF we can pull your wish list out of the computer and help them find you the perfect gift.  We then update your wish list with their purchase so we are ready for your next caring relative! (This is an easy way to get all kinds of cool stuff you actually want for the holidays!)

So let’s get ready for the holidays together!  Anybody know when The Year Without A Santa Clause or Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas come on tv?