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So Long Sandy…

Thankfully not much to report in terms of All Things Fun! and Hurricane Sandy.  The path of destruction largely avoided our doorstep.  We lost power at home but never at the store. All Things Fun! was only closed for a few hours during the height of the storm.  A lot of our retail brothers & sisters were not as fortunate.

We are slowly returning back to normal here at the store.  (Although I hope this week’s comic shipment surfaces sometime soon.)  Wholesalers are re-opening, UPS is shipping and people are venturing out of the house.  (Even if it’s just to get out of their darkened homes.) But enough about Sandy.  Let’s talk about me! I’ve gotten some feedback suggesting that I make the blog more personal.  More about what I’m working on, reading, enjoying etc.  Sounds like fun…

This week I’m reading 2 books in my spare time.  The first is the new Walking Dead Book, Return to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman.  Sometimes Kirkman gets a little dark for my taste (I know, that’s why lots of people like him.)  I have to admit I’m enjoying this new book more than his first Return of the Governor.  (Which was a pretty good book on it’s own.)  Woodbury had a few sequences that made me laugh out loud.  (And plenty that made me ill, have no fear.)  Ultimately a great book and a must read for ANY Walking Dead fan.

I’m also reading a book first published in the early 1980’s The Book of Swords Vol. 2 by Fred Saberhagen.  Coming out of a retail publishing background I’ve sold literally hundreds of copies of this fantasy series in the last 30 years.  On a recent visit to a used book store I found all 3 volumes on a shelf and picked them up.  (Supporting local business, you should too!)  It’s been a lot of fun.  Each of the 12 swords created by the gods has a special ability (and a name.)  We follow along as forces battle to identify and control the swords. I’m 2 books into the 3 book series and it’s been a fun read so far.  (Of course losing power slowed my night reading a bit.)

At the store both Dina & I have been busy working on event scheduling, FoodMachine and the All Things Fun! Holiday Catalog.  (More on that soon.)

Getting back to normal,